Complaint options after Brexit

See how Brexit affects your opportunities of filing complaints against traders in the UK.

Can I complain about an item bought in the UK?

In the EU, you have a number of options to complain outside the courts if, for example, a seller in another EU country disagrees that you have the right to get your money back for a product or service. 

It is still uncertain to what extent you can exercise these options in relation to UK-based companies in the future. However, according to the British Consumer Centre, most alternative dispute resolution bodies will accept complaints as usual.  

Help from ECC Denmark

ECC Denmark will still be able to help consumers in Denmark to some extent in cases against British economic operators. You can therefore still contact EEC Denmark’s office with questions about your rights in connection with Brexit and cases against British economic operators.

You can always contact EEC Denmark by hotline, chat or infomail if you have questions regarding a specific purchase.

If EEC Denmark cannot help in your case, or if EEC Denmark’s network finds that other complaints bodies can provide you with better assistance, you will be referred to the relevant bodies by EEC Denmark. You can also ask your question on EEC Denmark’s Q&A page about Brexit.

If you live in the UK, please contact the UK International Consumer Centre for help and legal advice: UK International Consumer Centre (

Consumer complaints bodies in the UK

The approved UK consumer complaints bodies (so-called ADR bodies) will, as a general rule, continue after Brexit. However, it is still uncertain whether consumers in an EU country will be able to file a complaint with the ADR body in question. This option applies under EU rules. In future, it will therefore be up to the British Government and the British complaints boards to decide whether this will still apply.

The ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform

The possibility of using the digital ODR platform for dispute resolution in cases involving British economic operators ceased on 1 January 2021.  

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