Here you can download various reports, surveys and leaflets published by the ECC Network.


Quality Charter

17. January 2018

The Quality Charter describes services you can expect to receive and sets out the standard of service consumers are entitled to expect when contacting the ECC-Net.

Subscription Traps in Europe

03. November 2017

EU study into public experiences of subscription traps in in six countries.

Annual folder 2016

30. August 2017

European Consumer Center helps consumers if problems arise after a purchase in EU, and inform about EU consumer protection rules. In addition, we participate in relevant network activities in order to develop the consumer area.

Report on counterfeit goods online

16. March 2017

A new report from the European Consumer Centres Network focuses on the impact of counterfeiting on individual consumer shopping online.

Report on Service Directive

14. December 2016

This report is dealing with the Service Directive to illuminate any problems of discrimination and the enforcement of Article 20.2.

Winter tires in Europe

09. October 2016

In this publication you can read about the rules for winter tires in Europe.

Consumer Markets Scoreboard 2016

15. September 2016

European Commission have published Consumer Markets Scoreboard 2016 showing data on the functioning of 42 key consumer markets in the EU.

Guide to the Olympics in Rio

29. July 2016

Tips to have a safe journey and a good experience at the Olympics in Rio.

TRAVEL TIPS: Good advice and help for consumers in Europe

03. June 2016

If you are traveling or shopping in the EU, then you can find many useful tips in this book about your rights as a consumer in the EU.

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2016

03. June 2016

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day June 8th 2016 have focus on problems related to counterfeit products.