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Your rights if your flight is delayed

Know your rights and options for meals, hotel stays, compensation etc. if your flight is delayed. Get assistance lodging a complaint if your claim is rejected.

If your flight is delayed, the airline must inform you of your rights. If you have booked a package tour, you can also contact your tour operator to find out more about your rights and options for continuing the trip with as little delay as possible.

Your rights in the event of a delay depend on the flight distance and the duration of the delay. You may be entitled to meals, transport etc. while you wait, and extra compensation for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

The tables below show what you are entitled to:

Your rights, while you wait

Your rights following a delay of at least two hours

Your rights following a delay of three to four hours

Your rights following a delay more than five hours

Food and drink

Food and drink

Food and drink


Hotel if the delay is in the evening/night

Hotel at any time


Transport between airport and hotel

Transport between airport and hotel



You can claim a refund for the full ticket purchase price

If you contact the airline staff at the airport and they do not help, you can buy meals and, if necessary, hotel accommodation. Keep all receipts so you can ask the airline to reimburse your reasonable expenses related to the delay.

You are entitled to compensation if your arrival is at least three hours delayed

Distance to final destination

Compensation if you arrive at least three hours late at your final destination

Flights up to 1,500 km

EUR 250

Flights longer than 1,500 km between EU countries + Norway, Iceland and Switzerland

EUR 400

Other flights 1,500-3,500 km

EUR 400

Flights over 3,500 km to countries outside the EU

EUR 600

The airline must pay your compensation in cash or by a transfer to your bank or credit card. If the airline wishes to pay the compensation in the form of vouchers or other services, you must consent to this in writing.

Exceptions to compensation rights

In many cases, delays are due to factors the airline can influence and is therefore responsible for.

But there are also factors over which the airline has no influence – exceptional circumstances.

You are not entitled to compensation if the delay is due to exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • War or terror
  • Weather conditions that prevent air traffic
  • Certain types of strikes
  • Technical faults (these can only constitute exceptional circumstances in very rare cases).

Whatever the case, the airline must keep you informed of the situation and your rights and options for rebooking etc.

You are also entitled to compensation for major expenses

You may incur additional expenses in the event of a delay to your flight, for which you may be entitled to compensation, even if you have received standard compensation from the airline.

Examples of additional expenses:

  • Transport home which you have to arrange yourself because the airline does not do so (e.g. plane, train, bus or taxi)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Other reasonable and necessary expenses.

You may also be entitled to compensation if you suffer a financial loss due to the delay.

You must claim compensation from the company with which you entered into the agreement. This will typically be the airline or a tour operator. Under the guidelines on the Commission’s rules, airlines should respond to complaints within two months. In addition to the rights shown in the table above, you are also entitled to compensation if you have incurred expenses due to the flight delay, such as purchasing new tickets or unused/missed hotel accommodation. The highest amount you can receive in compensation is approx. DKK 38,000.

You must contact the airline directly about your claim. Provide documentation in the form of receipts, booking confirmations, account statements etc.

Get assistance with your complaint

If it is not possible to find a solution with the airline about the delay, or if you are dissatisfied with the company’s decision, you can lodge a complaint with European Consumer Centre Denmark.

Read more about submitting a complaint to European Consumer Centre Denmark.

In certain cases, you can lodge a complaint via the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority.
Find out more at

Tips if your flight is delayed

  • Contact the airline and the tour operator (where applicable) and ask for guidance and information
  • If you have to use a complaint form on the airline’s website, take a photo or screenshot before submitting it, so you can document your complaint
  • Keep receipts for your expenses
  • Find out if your travel insurance provides cover
  • Make your claim for compensation as soon as possible
  • Contact European Consumer Centre Denmark for free assistance if the airline rejects your claim.