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Four webshops reported to the police by The Danish Consumer Ombudsman

15. November 2018

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman has reported four Danish companies to the police because their customers have not been clearly informed that they also enter into a subscription when buying products. The webstores in question are,, og

The Consumer Ombudsman has received complaints from consumers who were surprised that monthly amounts were withdrawn from their accounts after they had bought products in the companies' online stores.

The websites are:

  • (Bilablau ApS)
  • (GN Triova ApS)
  • (YY Trading ApS) 
  • (Group Buy ApS) 

Online “benefit clubs”

The four companies sell different types of products online. However, they use the same business concept of  subscription based sales platforms also known as “benefit clubs”.

If you wish to buy a product on their websites, you have to sign up for a subscription that costs between 89-139 DKK per month (approx. 12-18.50 EUR). It allows consumers to buy their products at a price that is lower than the market price, according to the web shops.

The Consumer Ombudsman assesses s that the four companies do not make their customers sufficiently aware that they sign up for a current payment subscription by shopping on the websites. Companies are therefore reported to be police for violation of misleading prohibitions in the Danish Marketing Act.

Has it happened to you? Contact the ECC Denmark

ECC Denmark has previously had similar complaints against one of the reported companies from consumers situated in other European countries. In some of these cases we’ve been able to help consumers with their claim.

If you have concluded a subscription agreement without being made clearly aware of it during the ordering process or if you have received a package or an invoice for a package that you did not order, and you cannot find a solution with the company, you can contact your national ECC.

You can read more on subscriptions and your consumer rights here

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