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Two Danish companies reported to the police for sending unsolicited goods along with a demand for payment

11. May 2017

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman has reported two Danish companies to the police for sending unsolicited goods along with a demand for payment to consumers around the world. The police report is the result of a cooperation between national authorities within the EU.

Mystery shopping

30. March 2017

Major improvements for consumers when shopping online cross-border - but still some obstacles to overcome The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) launches the report “Online Cross-border Mystery Shopping - State of the e-Union” on 4 October 2011. The report reveals that in general consumers can be confident when shopping online across borders but it also shows obstacles that must be dealt with.

Airlines must inform passengers of their rights

30. March 2017

Passengers on European aircrafts are guaranteed certain basic rights if problems arise on a trip. The European Consumer Centre Denmark and the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority have created a new film outlining the rules.

Free sample packages or "subscription traps"?

30. March 2017

“Free trials” are not always the route to happiness. Often sample packages involve subscriptions that can be difficult to shake off.

Annual Report 2012 from ECC Net

30. March 2017

The European Consumer Centres’ Network (ECC-Net) launches the annual report 2012.

Important to be able to trust a trust mark

30. March 2017

New report shows that there is a need for increased consumer awareness in the field of trust marks.

Important to be able to trust a trust mark

30. March 2017

New report shows that there is a need for increased consumer awareness in the field of trust marks.

Unfair Commercial Practises and Unsolicited Goods

30. March 2017

“Free trial” and “only 1 EUR” are popular and frequently used catchphrases on the Internet these days.

A record year for the European Consumer Centres

30. March 2017

The Network of European Consumer Centres across the EU handled more than 80,000 enquiries from citizens across the EU in 2013. This represents an increase of 11% compared to 2012.

Beware of expensive holiday clubs

30. March 2017

Also this year, many consumers will be trapped in expensive contracts on holiday. This is reflected in brand new figures from European Consumer Centre Nordic, which has received 216 inquiries concerning holiday clubs since the beginning of the year. European Consumer Centre is now launching a film to warn against the traps.

ECC-Net: Travel App

30. March 2017

A new mobile application supporting European consumers when travelling abroad

Chargeback in the EU/EEA

30. March 2017

The ECC-Net receives a great number of cross-border complaints from consumers each year having experienced that their rights have not been respected, mainly when shopping online.

Commission and Member States to raise consumer concerns with app industry

30. March 2017

Europe's "app economy" is booming. It employs over 1 million people and is expected to be worth €63bn in the next five years.

Air travel complaints remain high

30. March 2017

Also in 2014, complaints about air travel topped the list at European Consumer Centre Denmark. In the year ahead, the centre will focus specifically on air travel.

ADR: Information requirements for all traders – who sell to consumers

30. March 2017

All traders * who sell to consumers are required to inform their customers of their options for dispute resolution.

Twice as many complaints about online traps

03. November 2016

Ads on free samples, trials and contests cause a growing number of consumers in the Nordic countries to complain to the European Consumer Centres. These consumers feel tricked into subscription or they are being charged a sum on their credit card without approving.

Guide to the Olympics in Rio

29. July 2016

Tips to have a safe journey and a good experience at the Olympics in Rio.

Information requirements for all traders – who sell online to consumers

13. April 2016

All  traders* who sell online are required to provide a link to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. The  trader is required to inform its customers of their options for using the ODR platform, and the  trader must state its email address.

High Court ruling opens the processing of 833 airline complaints

10. December 2015

Today, The Eastern High Court ruled in favour of a consumer, as it declared that the online travel agency Goleif was required to reimburse the consumer’s home journey costs when the airline Cimber Sterling went bankrupt. The verdict has effect on handling 833 similar airline complaints filed at the Consumer Complaints Board.

New EU report: Danish consumers are the most trusting in the EU

23. September 2015

Danish consumers readily complain if they encounter unfair practices, and place great trust in compliance with consumer legislation. Compared with other citizens of the EU, the Danes are the third most knowledgeable about their consumer rights, although their knowledgeability has decreased since the last survey. This is revealed by the just-published European Commission's Consumer Markets Scoreboard (CMS).