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Your rights in connection with timeshare

Find out what your rights are if you are considering buying or you have bought a timeshare.

A timeshare contract is an agreement that runs for at least one year. As a main rule, it gives you the right to use one particular flat during the same period of each year.

Cancel the agreement in writing

As a main rule, you have a 14-day cooling-off period when you have signed a timeshare contract. The 14 days start when you sign the agreement. A longer cooling-off period than the 14 days may apply if you have not been informed of your cancellation right.

If you want to cancel the agreement, you can e.g. send an email to the seller.

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Getting your money back

If you have cancelled the agreement within the cooling-off period, you may be able to get your money back via your bank or credit card company. Your money can be transferred back only if you have paid by payment or credit card. Otherwise the seller must return your money.

Getting help in connection with a complaint

If you have problems with your timeshare agreement and it is not possible to find a solution with the seller, you can complain to European Consumer Centre Denmark.


  • Do not pay any money to the seller during the sales presentation
  • Read the terms & conditions before concluding the agreement
  • Check that the agreement includes a cooling-off period
  • Make sure that all oral agreements are included in the contract
  • Do not sign the agreement before you have read it thoroughly
  • Do not sign anything you do not understand
  • If you want to cancel the agreement, make sure to do so within 14 days from the day it was concluded.


30. April 2015

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