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Terms & conditions for package tours

Learn more about your rights when you have bought a package tour, e.g. flight + hotel, a cruise or a bus trip + hotel.

A package tour includes at least two of the following:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Other tourist services

In addition, it must have been sold at a total price and have a duration of at least 24 hours to be regarded as a package tour.

When you book the tour

It makes a difference whether you buy a package tour from a travel provider established in Denmark or in another EU member state.

When you buy a package tour in Denmark, the Danish Package Travel Act applies. The Act gives you the right to cancel your participation in a tour against payment of a fee.

If you have bought the package tour from a travel provider in another EU member state, the Package Travel Directive applies. According to the Directive, you can cancel your participation only if the travel provider makes major changes to the tour before it starts. If the changes are not significant, you may be entitled to a price reduction.

Your rights in connection with bankruptcy

You are covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund if your package tour was bought from a travel provider established in Denmark and the firm goes bankrupt. That will give you the right to a refund of your money or to transport home if you are stranded at your destination.

Travel providers in EU member states must also provide guarantees in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. It is up to the individual member states to lay down the rules for such schemes, and they may differ considerably from one member state to another. So before buying the tour it is a good idea to ask the travel provider about the rules applying to your specific tour.

European Consumer Centre Denmark can advise you about your rights and provide free assistance if you have problems with a tour operator or travel agent in another EU member state, Iceland or Norway.

Getting help in connection with a complaint

If you have problems with your package tour and you cannot find a solution with the travel provider, you can complain to European Consumer Centre Denmark.

The Travel Industry Complaints Board (Pakkerejse-Ankenævnet) is an approved board of appeal which you can contact if the tour operator rejects your complaint or you do not find that the compensation offered is adequate.


  • Check whether the travel provider is a member of a travel guarantee scheme.
  • Complain to the travel provider and airline company if your tour is changed, delayed or cancelled.
22. May 2015

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