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Membership of a travel club

Tourists in Southern Europe may be offered membership of a travel club. Here you can read more about your rights if you are considering signing or have signed an agreement with a travel club.

Scratch cards and refreshments are among the surprises used by sellers in Southern European resorts to try to persuade tourists to join a travel club.

As a member of a travel club, you pay an annual subscription fee and you are often bound for three to six years. In return the travel club offers you attractive discounts and bonuses on various holiday activities, such as cruises, flights and luxury hotels worldwide.

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The difference between a travel club and a timeshare

As a main rule, travel club membership gives you the right to a wide range of holiday products, while a timeshare gives you the right to use one particular holiday apartment or a hotel room.

Be aware of the terms & conditions of the contract

If you wish to join a travel club, you should be aware that the agreement may contain terms & conditions that make it difficult for you to make use of the offers from the club. For example, it may be a condition that you travel with a particular airline.

You can cancel your membership

As a main rule, you have a 14-day cooling-off period if the agreement with the travel club runs for more than one year. The 14 days start when you sign the agreement. If you have not been informed of your cancellation right, the cooling-off period may be longer than 14 days.

To cancel the agreement, you can e.g. send an email to the seller or use the standard form you have received.

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Getting your money back

If you have cancelled the agreement within the cooling-off period, you may be able to get your money back via your bank or credit card company. Your money can be transferred back only if you have paid by payment or credit card. Otherwise the seller must return your money.

Getting help in connection with a complaint

If you have problems with your travel club agreement and it is not possible to find a solution with the seller, you can complain to European Consumer Centre Denmark.


  • Do not sign until you have read the terms & conditions thoroughly
  • Check that you have the right to cancel the agreement
  • Make sure that oral agreements are included in the contract
  • Compare and check the prices offered
  • Do not pay until the cooling-off period has expired
12. January 2017

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