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Claims for damages for financial losses

- - 27. July 2016

Besides being entitled to rebooking or a refund of the ticket price and compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled, you may also be entitled to damages from the airline company or tour operator.

If you incur additional expenses due to the cancellation or delay, you may be entitled to a refund of these expenses. You are entitled to a refund even though you have received the standard compensation from the airline company.    

Examples of additional expenses:

  • Home transport that you must arrange yourself if the airline company does not do it (e.g. flight, train, bus or taxi)
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Meals
  • Other reasonable and necessary expenses

You may also be entitled to damages if you have had a financial loss because of the delay or cancellation. This could be e.g. a prepaid hotel room or prepaid car rental at the planned destination which you cannot cancel at so short notice.

You must submit the claim for damages to the company with which you concluded the agreement. Typically, this is the airline company or a tour operator. 

Whether you are entitled to damages depends on several factors and the decision will always be based on the facts of the case. So it is a good idea to seek advice about your specific options if you intend to claim damages. It is essential that you can document your losses.

Check list when seeking damages

  • Can you document that you have incurred additional expenses?
  • Have you done what you could to limit your losses?
  • Are the additional expenses you have incurred reasonable?
  • Are there any losses or additional expenses that the seller cannot be expected to cover?        

Getting help in connection with a complaint

If you believe you are entitled to damages for financial losses and you cannot reach an agreement with the seller, you can complain to European Consumer Centre Denmark.