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Legal warranty in connection with defects

If you have bought a product that turns out to be defective, you have a legal warranty.

When you shop with sellers in the EU, you always have a legal warranty of at least two years. If you discover defects in the product within two years after having received it, you as a consumer have the right to:

  • Have the defect repaired
  • Have the product exchanged for a corresponding, new product

If the product has material defects, you may have the right to e.g.:

  • A price reduction (refund of part of the purchase sum)
  • Cancellation of the purchase (refund of the full purchase sum)

You must complain to the seller

You must always complain to the seller first, and as a main rule you can complain to the manufacturer only if the manufacturer has given you a guarantee.

Deadlines for complaints

You must complain to the seller as soon as possible if you discover a defect in a product. In some countries you lose your rights if you complain more than two months after you discovered the defect.

The seller must pay for transport in connection with complaints

The seller must pay the transport costs in connection with complaints.

If you simply want to cancel a purchase because you changed your mind, you must pay the transport costs when returning the product.

Getting help in connection with a complaint

If it is not possible to reach a solution with the seller regarding your complaint, you can complain to European Consumer Centre Denmark.


  • Make a complaint to the seller if a product has a defect that you are not responsible for
  • Let the seller know whether you want to have the product repaired, a replacement product, a price reduction or cancellation of the purchase
  • Keep your receipt for transport
28. July 2016

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