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- - 28. July 2016

Learn more about what a guarantee is and how you can exercise a guarantee provided by a seller or manufacturer.

A guarantee is a voluntary obligation extending your rights beyond your legal warranty. The rights you obtain under the guarantee are stated in the terms & conditions.

A guarantee can never be substituted for your rights under common EU rules. In other words, you will still have a legal warranty of at least two years if the product turns out to be defective.

Exercising your guarantee

If you want to exercise a guarantee, you must contact the firm that issued the guarantee. When you want to exercise the guarantee, you must prove that you were given a guarantee when you made the purchase and that the product has a defect which is covered by the guarantee.

If the defect is not covered by the guarantee, it may be comprised by your legal warranty. To make use of your legal warranty, you must contact the seller.

Some guarantees do not apply in Denmark

There are no common EU rules for guarantees. If you have been given a guarantee by a seller or manufacturer outside Denmark, you will, as a main rule, not be able to exercise the guarantee in Denmark unless this is specifically stated on the guarantee certificate

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Getting help in connection with a complaint

If the firm that issued the guarantee will not let you exercise it, you can complain to European Consumer Centre Denmark.


  • Keep the receipt for your purchase and the guarantee certificate
  • Complain to the seller if a product has a defect that you are not responsible for
  • To exercise the guarantee, you must contact the firm that issued it