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Information requirements for all traders – who sell online to consumers

13. April 2016

All  traders* who sell online are required to provide a link to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. The  trader is required to inform its customers of their options for using the ODR platform, and the  trader must state its email address.

Traders are required to provide a link to the ODR platform from their website and in any published general terms and conditions of sale.

The link address for the ODR platform is

If a trader sends an offer to a consumer by email, the trader must also provide a link to the ODR platform in that email.


Example of compliance with the requirement for information and linking to the ODR platform. This example is targeted Danish traders **



If you wish to complain about a product or service purchased from us, you may apply for dispute resolution with

Center for Klageløsning (Centre for Complaint Resolution) 
Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

You can file a complaint via

You can also use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform to file a complaint. This is especially relevant if you are a consumer resident outside Denmark, in another EU member state.

File your complaint here -

When filing a complaint, you must state our email address



The information requirements do not apply to the following industries:  

  • Healthcare services provided by health professionals
  • Further or higher education provided by public providers
  • Real estate sales

Companies selling only goods or services that cannot be submitted to an ADR entity due to the monetary thresholds provided by the ADR entities can for this reason be excepted from the information requirements. 

**  The above text complies with the Danish transposition of the ADR/ODR rules and the example relates to fulfilment of the requirements in the ODR regulation and the ADR directive as transposed into Danish national law -  Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Connection with Consumer Complaints (Act on Consumer Complaints). The example is not officially approved by the national competent authority or the European Commission. 


Video about ODR

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