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Air travel complaints remain high

11. March 2015

Also in 2014, complaints about air travel topped the list at European Consumer Centre Denmark. In the year ahead, the centre will focus specifically on air travel.

My baggage disappeared during the journey – am I entitled to compensation? Or should the airline give me a new ticket if my flight is delayed?

Figures from ECC Denmark show that consumers are still encountering problems when complaining to airlines. In 2014, the centre processed 621 cases and one in every four involved a complaint about an airline.

“We expect cases involving air travel to remain clearly in focus in the future. The rules are complicated and it is difficult for consumers to understand their rights if their suitcase breaks or their flight is delayed. This year we will therefore be focusing on air travel in particular,” says Lars Arent, head of ECC’s Danish centre.

Besides air travel, consumers are also complaining about trial packs and purchases involving electronic products as well as clothing and footwear in particular.

“Many of the cases related to a product or service purchased online. We are part of the public-sector network of 30 consumer centres that together ensure good advice and help for consumers throughout Europe. This should be utilised so that consumers know they can trade safely and securely across borders,” says Lars Arent.

Last year, ECC Denmark received a total of about 2,700 enquiries from consumers asking questions about their rights. Of these, about one in four cases resulted in a formal complaint.

Top five complaints in 2014:

  • Air travel including baggage
  • Trial packs, unwanted packages and trial subscriptions
  • Computers, televisions, radios, music systems, photo items and accessories
  • Textiles, leather and footwear
  • Car rental and furniture

What is ECC Denmark?

European Consumer Centre Denmark is a network that advises consumers on their rights, and helps when problems arise with vendors in other EU countries. There is an ECC office in every EU country as well as Norway and Iceland.

The network is funded by the EU Commission and the national authorities in the respective EU countries, and guidance is free.


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