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FAQ about the portal

Fre​quently asked questions about the ODR portal

? I do not sell to foreign consumers – do I still need to link to the ODR portal from my website?

? If I sell to several EU member states, do I then need to link to several dispute resolution bodies?
Yes, that may be the case if you have an obligation to use dispute resolution bodies in other EU member states. Or if you voluntarily wish to use a dispute resolution body in another EU member state. Firms can find the relevant information on the ODR portal. The portal also says whether firms have an obligation to use these bodies.

? If I sell via an app, do I then have to meet the obligation to provide information?

? Must electronic newsletters contain a link to the ODR portal?
The requirement does not apply to newsletters advertising offers which require that the consumer accesses your website.

? I am a firm. What happens if I refuse to forward a case to a dispute resolution body? What if I prefer to resolve the issue with the customer myself?
The case is automatically closed in the portal if you refuse to point to the relevant dispute resolution body. The consumer will have the option of asking the ODR portal’s national contact point for advice on how to proceed from there. As a firm, you can also press the Help button to activate the ODR portal’s national point of contact. You are always welcome to contact the customer directly to handle the issue – without using the portal.

? Must I link to the ODR portal if I sell B2B only?
 No. Only firms selling to consumers, i.e. B2C, need to link to the portal.

? I have received an email from the ODR portal saying that a complaint has been submitted against my firm. What should I do?
! Click the link in the email to create a profile. Then you can respond and point to the dispute resolution body which you think should handle the complaint. If you need help with this process, you are welcome to contact European Consumer Centre Denmark.

? Do I automatically accept the customer’s claim if I respond via the ODR portal?
! No, you will be given the opportunity to present your side of the case. By responding, you simply indicate that you wish to cooperate with the customer in relation to pointing to the dispute resolution body that is to handle the case. All dispute resolution bodies handle complaints impartially.

? I am a firm. Do I need to create a profile on the ODR portal?
! You do not have to, but you can create a profile beforehand if you want to. In that way it is easier to control which email address customers use if they send complaints to you. To create a profile, click Register in the top right-hand corner on the front page of the portal.

Did you not find the answer you were looking for?

If you are in doubt as to what the rules mean for precisely your firm, or if you need help to implement them correctly, you should contact European Consumer Centre Denmark.