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Online complaints portal for consumers

It is easy to complain about products and services bought online in another EU member state – and it is free. The ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) portal makes it simple for consumers and firms to resolve disputes via European dispute resolution bodies.


You can use the ODR portal if you want to complain about a product or service bought online from a seller in another EU member state. You can create a complaint in your own language. The ODR portal machine translates the complaint into the seller’s language and forwards it to the relevant dispute resolution body.

Using the ODR portal is free of charge. This gives consumers and firms easy, fast and inexpensive access to resolving disputes out of court.

How the portal works

To create a complaint via the portal, you must know the email address of the firm. You create a complaint via the portal by clicking the link to the portal. EU rules require that all European firms selling to consumers online must link to the ODR portal.

Graphics: How the ODR portal works

When the firm receives your complaint via the portal, it can suggest a relevant dispute resolution body. The ODR portal is linked to all European dispute resolution bodies registered by the individual EU member states with the European Commission as observing the requirements of EU legislation.

If you accept the suggested dispute resolution body, your complaint will automatically be forwarded to that body for handling.

If you and the firm cannot agree on a dispute resolution body, the complaint is not forwarded from the portal. You will automatically be notified of this and may then press a Help button. European Consumer Centre Denmark will only be involved and able to provide advice on what to do next if you activate the Help function.

Cases where you cannot use the portal

  • You need an email address for the firm. If you do not have that, you cannot create a complaint via the portal.
  • If you have shopped with a firm established in Denmark, you cannot use the portal, but should contact the relevant Danish dispute resolution body
  • You cannot use the portal if you make a purchase from a physical store. The portal deals with complaints about online purchases only.

Do you need help?

If you are in doubt as to how to use the ODR portal, you should contact European Consumer Centre Denmark.

06. October 2016

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