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The Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR-platform)

Here you can read about the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (the ODR-platform). You can also find texts and banners that you can use on your website. 

Gå til Online complaints portal for consumers

02. February 2016

It is easy to complain about products and services bought online in another EU member state – and it is free. The ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) portal makes it simple for consumers and firms to resolve disputes via European dispute resolution bodies.

Gå til ODR portal requirements for firms

02. February 2016

The European ODR portal is used for cross-border consumer complaints in the EU. All Danish firms must inform consumers about this complaints option. In addition, all online stores must link to the ODR portal.

Gå til Getting help for the ODR portal from European Consumer Centre Denmark

02. February 2016

The procedure is automated, but you can contact European Consumer Centre Denmark if you have questions about the use of the ODR portal. European Consumer Centre Denmark can provide guidance to both consumers and firms.

Gå til Video: Portal for resolving consumer complaints

04. July 2016

Learn more about how the ODR portal helps to resolve disputes in 4 steps – in your language, online and out of court.

Gå til Graphics: How the ODR portal works

Here you can see what happens if you fill in a complaint form via the ODR portal

Gå til Banners for the ODR portal

06. April 2016

As a business, you can refer to the ODR portal via an official banner on your website. You can find the various formats and the relevant codes here.

Gå til FAQ about the portal

Fre​quently asked questions about the ODR portal