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Complaint options after Brexit

See how Brexit affects your opportunities of filing complaints against traders in the UK.

As a consumer in an EU country, you have various options for complaining outside of the court system in cross-border cases. 

ADR's in Britain (Alternative Dispute Resolution) 

The approved, British ADR’s (Alternative Dispute Resolution) are likely to continue after Brexit. It is, however, still not certain that consumers in other EU-countries will be able to submit complaints against British traders using these agencies. The ADR’s are based on EU law.

The ODR-platform (Online Dispute Resolution)

In a no-deal scenario, the opportunity to submit complaints over British companies through the ODR platform will end after Brexit.

If you have an ongoing case on the platform, you can export your data before Brexit. You can read more on the ODR platform

The UK European Consumer Center

In a no-deal scenario, the UK ECC will not be a part of the ECC-network anymore. Thus, we will no longer be able to share cases with them.

If you have a complaint about British traders, you can still submit complaints through us until the UK leaves the EU. After that date, however, we will have to close your case, even in cases where we haven't found a solution yet. In that case, we will give you advice on how to move forward with your complaint. 

The same applies if you have an on-going case against a british trader. 

Contact us if you have questions

You can always contact us on hotline, chat or mail, if you have questions about an on-going case, and we will give you advice and help. 

If Brexit is postponed, or an agreement with the EU is reached, we will continue handling your case. 

We are following the development closely and update this page accordingly. 

11. March 2019

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