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Spot unprofessional websites

Howard the shopping assistant has just become much wiser. If you are considering making a purchase from a site, he can now tell you how other European consumers rate that precise site.

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With Howard, European Consumer Centre Denmark’s interactive shopping assistant, you can now get even better help to distinguish unprofessional web shops from professional counterparts.

A new rating system allocates a score of between 0 and 100 to more than 14,000 sites all over Europe and is colour coded in red, yellow or green depending on whether other consumers rate the company’s services as good or bad.

“Other consumers’ opinions on a particular website are an important instrument when evaluating a site. It’s a barometer of customer satisfaction. So it’s a very efficient tool for helping consumers decide whether or not to make a purchase from a particular site,” says Peter Fogh Knudsen, director of European Consumer Centre Denmark.

The scores are based on information collected from a wide range of sites all over Europe where consumers offer their opinions of the companies and their shopping experiences.

The higher the number of consumers who have had a bad experience, the closer the rating is to 0, and the colour will be red. However, if a site has only good ratings, the score will be close to 100 and the colour will be green.

As always, Howard provides good advice on e-trading in general and information on your rights when shopping on the Internet.

Visit Howard (www.dk.theshoppingassistant.com/)