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Better conditions for European consumers

When that camera from Rome has broken, or the dress from an Internet shop in London is not the right colour, many consumers lack the knowledge and persistence to make a complaint.

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On 5 July, the European Consumer Centre Denmark information centre will open, making it a little easier to be a Danish consumer in Europe.

European Consumer Centre Denmark is a new centre for providing consumers with information on cross-border trade. It can also assist consumers with communicating and resolving complaints.

“Cross-border trade concerns a large proportion of Danish consumers. More and more Danes are buying goods abroad and taking them home or buying goods over the Internet. The Danish Government wishes to ensure that consumers benefit as much as possible from cross-border trade and that they have access to advice and guidance if the worst should happen. That is why we have established Consumer Europe,” says Mr Lars Barfoed, Minister for Family and Consumer Affairs.

At www.forbrugereuropa.dk, consumers can get help with bringing complaints against commercial operators in other EU countries, as well as find information on their rights in relation to travel bookings, ATMs and shopping guides in the 25 EU countries.

European Consumer Centre Denmark can also be contacted at tel.: + 45 3266 9000 on weekdays from 9 a.m.-12 noon.

European Consumer Centre Denmark is part of the Danish Government’s consumer policy. The centre is a member of the European Consumer Centres Network, which comprises every consumer information offices in the EU countries, Norway and Iceland. The European Consumer Centres Network was formed in 2005 with the merger of the European Extra-Judicial Network (EEJ-Net, a network concerning cross-border complaints) and the European Contact and Communication Network (ECC-Network, a network of European information centres).