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Apple accepts the decision of the Danish Consumer Complaints Board in case concerning iBook G4

Apple has accepted the decision of the Consumer Complaints Board in a case concerning an iBook G4 computer where the screen blacked out.

The case concerns an iBook G4 that stopped working, resulting in the screen blacking out.

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The Consumer Complaints Board’s expert examined the computer and found that the problem lay in a broken solder joint between two components, thus disabling electric current from passing between the components. The examination also showed that the breakage had presumably occurred because the soldering weakened a little every time the computer was switched on and off.

The Consumer Complaints Board also found that users of the same type of computers worldwide had experienced similar problems. Several users had found creative ways of circumventing the problem of starting up the computer. For example, some users had successfully clamped one corner of the casing (see the picture) and others had taken their computer a little apart and nudged small pieces of cardboard inside the computer to re-start it.

On several occasions, the expert of the Consumer Complaints Board was able to start an otherwise dead iBook G4 computer by fastening a clamp to it.

In April, the Consumer Complaints Board reached a decision in a specific complaint. The Board ruled that the computer in question had an original hidden design defect and that the complainant was entitled to a money refund.

Apple requested that the case be reopened as the company had subsequently performed an examination which, in its opinion, refuted that the computer had an original design defect.

The Consumer Complaints Board has refused to reopen the case as the Board is of the opinion that no new evidence has been presented to suggest that the specific iBook G4 does not have a defect. The Board’s refusal to reopen the case has been accepted by Apply and Apple has also accepted the decision reached by the Consumer Complaints Board in April, which means that the complainant is entitled to a money refund.

However, despite the fact that Apple has accepted the Consumer Complaints Board’s decision, the company maintains that it does not agree with the Consumer Complaints Board’s decision as, in the company’s opinion, the Consumer Complaints Board’s examination of the iBook G4 in question does not prove that the computer had defects of a serial nature, neither design defects nor production defects. Therefore, it also maintains that it disagrees with the Consumer Complaints Board’s decision not to reopen the case in question.

Apple has indicated that it wishes to participate more actively than before in the Consumer Complaints Board’s handling of future cases with a view to solving any pending and future cases.

”The Consumer Complaints Board is pleased that Apple has accepted the decision and we look forward to a better dialogue with Apple. This is in the interest of both the consumers and Apple,” says Frederik Navne Boesgaard, who is a legal adviser to the Consumer Complaints Board and has been the person attending to this case.

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