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Counterfeit products


Most of us probably know it – the offer is too good to be true. In our summer holidays we have seen our dream bag being sold on the street at one-tenth of the price or the ‘Rolex’ watch on the Internet at a very favourable price.

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It may be tempting to accept it but take care because in most cases it is not original products but counterfeit products. Besides the ethical aspect of buying counterfeit products, buying and using counterfeit products may also cost you high fines. Furthermore, it may some times be difficult to see whether a product is a counterfeit product, so there is every reason to take good care as a consumer.

A counterfeit product is a product made without the original rightsholder’s acceptance, i.e. the person or the company which owns the right to make, sell or otherwise transfer the product to others.

Different rules apply to the purchase and use of counterfeit products in the individual countries. As a tourist you must always comply with the rules in the country you are visiting no matter whether you know the rules or not, and it is normally not an excuse that you did not know the rules of the country concerned. In the sections below we are discussing some of the matters that you should generally pay attention to when buying and using counterfeit products.

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