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More and more people are finding that they can save money by buying certain goods and services in another country in the EU. Read here what you should be aware of when for example you buy a new car or have your dental treatment in a different EU country.

Customs duty and VAT
Whether you buy goods to take with you home to Denmark from a trip abroad or you buy goods through the Internet you should be aware whether you are to pay customs duty, VAT ...
Purchasing a car in another EU country can be interesting for several reasons. These include availing of a different and greater supply, and that prices may be lower than in Denmark.
Most of us probably know it – the offer is too good to be true. In our summer holidays we have seen our dream bag being sold on the street at one-tenth of the price or the ‘Rolex’ watch on the Internet at a very favourable price.

Purchase made away from business premises

Purchase made away from business premises is when you conclude an agreement during a meeting with the business operator on the purchase of a product or service elsewhere than at the operator’s business premises.

Purchase of services abroad

As of 28 December 2009, it had become easier to buy and sell services across the EU borders. The s Services Directive came into force on that date, a directive intended to improve the possibilities for businesses to offer and the ability of consumers to purchase services across EU borders.

Dentists in another EU country

It is becoming more and more common to travel to another European country to have dental work done because there is often quite a lot of money to save on major dental work.

About European Consumer Centre Denmark

European Consumer Centre Denmark offers free advice for consumers regarding purchases in other EU-countries.
The centre is funded by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and the European Commission.