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Shopping on the Internet can be fun, and you can make some really good finds. However, to avoid disappointments you should look out before shopping. Generally, it is a matter of being critical towards the person you are going to make a deal with because you do not actually meet the seller.

The following is an overview of the different ways you can choose to make a payment when you purchase goods and services on-line.
There are a number of things it may be useful for you to be aware of before you buy on the Internet. Find out what your rights are in relation to complaints and guarantees, look for certification labels, and be on your guard if the price is too good to be true.
Just in time for the holidays and gifts shopping season, the European Commission today publishes the results of an EU wide screening of websites selling games, books, videos and music which can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.


When you order a product or service remotely, the trader must deliver within 30 days, unless you have agreed otherwise. The deadline begins on the day you made the booking.

Free sample packages or "subscription traps"?

“Free trials” are not always the route to happiness. Often sample packages involve subscriptions that can be difficult to shake off.

Film about ecommerce

What should you be aware of when you shop online across the borders within the EU? Find the answer in a new film, which among other things provides information about safe payment on the internet and your cancellation right.

Cancellation right

When shopping as a consumer on the Internet with a trader within the EU you are normally entitled to cancel your purchase, which means that you may return the goods and get your money back without having to give a reason. The cancellation right applies to both goods and services.

Counterfeit products on the Internet

You should be particularly careful when shopping on the Internet. There are many counterfeit products in circulation, and you very easily get cheated. If there is a minimum of doubt you should always ask in advance whether the goods are original and ask for proof of it.

Good advice on payment on the Internet

If you comply with a few basic rules you need not worry about payment over the Internet.

About European Consumer Centre Denmark

European Consumer Centre Denmark offers free advice for consumers regarding purchases in other EU-countries.
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