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Here you can find help with what to do if you wish to make a complaint. You will find an online complaint form, an explanation of when you can use the Danish and European small claims procedures, and other information.

You can contact the European Consumer Centre when a dispute arises between yourself and a trader in another EU country concerning the purchase of goods or services. If a dispute arises with a Danish trader, you can read more about your options below.
As of 1 January 2009 it has become easier to pursue small lawsuits across EU borders. A common legal framework came into force on that date for a European Small Claims Procedure.
The European Consumer Centre can help you if you experience a problem with a trader in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

How to complain

If you wish to make a complaint to European Consumer Centre Denmark, you can use the online complaint form at the bottom of this page. However, it is important that you have contacted the seller first.

Complaints about goods purchased outside Europe

Unfortunately, we are unable to help if you have traded with atrader who is not based in the EU, Norway or Iceland. The portal Econsumer.gov accepts complaints from consumers regarding e-commerce with companies from outside Europe.

Small claims procedure in Denmark

Having a dispute resolved in court does not necessarily need to be a troublesome, long and expensive process. In Denmark, there is currently a special procedure for the processing of smaller cases – a procedure that will make it easier, faster and cheaper to have a case tried by the ...

Denmark’s Sale of Goods Act: True-false?

It is not always easy for consumers to understand the many terms and provisions in the Danish Sale of Goods Act. Check the true and false list, you might find the answer to your question.

About European Consumer Centre Denmark

European Consumer Centre Denmark offers free advice for consumers regarding purchases in other EU-countries.
The centre is funded by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and the European Commission.